New Release: From Best Man to Flower Girl 2

best man2

After a wild bachelor’s party in Vegas, Cecil wakes up to find himself changed into a little girl. To make it worse, the bride is plotting to kill the groom, Cecil’s best friend Doug on his honeymoon. While he adjusts to life as a little girl and practices to be the flower girl, Cecil has to find a way to save his friend before it’s too late.

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New Release: Toy Boy: Gender Swapped for Her Pleasure 2

toy boy

Lee Veltkamp has climbed some of the most dangerous places on Earth; what he hasn’t done is gotten lost–until now. A sudden ice storm separates him from the rest of his group. When he sees a spooky house on a hill, he goes inside to use a phone. There he meets the evil Madame Dreibach, who turns him into a woman and uses him for her night’s entertainment.

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New Release: Transformed Holiday Collection 3


Volume 3 of the Transformed holiday collection includes 10 holiday-themed gender swap stories:
Transformed for Halloween 3: Curse of the Dead Girl
Transformed for Election Day
Transformed for Thanksgiving Too
Bait & Switch: Gender Swapped on Black Friday
Transformed for Christmas 3: The Christmas Wish
Transformed for New Year’s Eve
Transformed for the Big Game
Transformed for Valentine’s Day 3: The Venus Mantrap
Transformed for April Fool’s Day
Transformed for Easter Too

Get it for $9.99 on Kindle or $11.99 in paperback!

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New Release: The Nursery: Gender Swap Endurance Test 2


Max needs money to pay his college tuition. When he sees a flyer for a lot of money to play test a video game he jumps at the chance. Instead of playing a game, he finds himself back in his childhood home, only this time as a seven-year-old girl. To make it worse he’s alone in the house and has to try to take care of himself. How long can he survive this nightmare?

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New Release: Gilded Cage: Gender Swap Endurance Test

gilded cage temp

Lonny Adams is a university janitor in dire financial straits. To help solve his money woes, he volunteers for what he thinks is playtesting a new virtual reality game. But the program’s designers have something much different in mind. Once he enters the virtual world, they change him into a woman to see how long it will take for him to crack. Can Lonny survive the test or is he doomed to break?

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New Release: Sympathy Pains: Gender Swapped and Pregnant


When Marlon’s mistress Darla announces that she’s pregnant, it’s about the worst news possible. It gets worse as when he suggests quietly terminating the pregnancy, Darla uses a magic spellbook to turn him into a mirror image of her! Now as her sister Marla, he’ll experience every bout of morning sickness, every craving, and every contraction. At the same time he experiences the love and heartbreak of being a woman.

Buy it for $3.99 on Kindle, get it FREE With Kindle Unlimited, or Buy the Paperback for $5.99!

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New Release: Only Human (Simulcrons #1)


For millions of years the heroic Justibots and evil Vengedroids have warred across the cosmos. When a Justibot ship crashes on Earth, it brings their war to us. To rescue their crewmates, three Justibot soldiers adopt human bodies–female bodies. As they explore a small Arizona town, they begin to discover what it’s like to be human.

Buy it now for $3.99 on Kindle, FREE with Kindle Unlimited, or $7.99 in paperback!

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