New Release: Knocked Up Surprise

Dex Spraight started as a normal guy who found he liked dressing as a girl. Then he was offered the chance to actually become a woman. The price: he would have to give his first-born child to a mysterious bartender. It was a promise Dex never thought she would have to pay: until she finds out she’s pregnant.

Now as Dex goes through morning sickness, cravings, and bloating, she faces losing her baby to a stranger. When she does find a solution, it’s almost as bad as the problem itself.

The conclusion of Dex’s journey from feminization to motherhood.

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New Release: Forced Gender Swap Bundle!

An all-new bundle of 11 classic Eric Filler gender swap stories! These stories feature men who are forced into becoming women–with sexy results!

The Incredible Shrinking Manhood
Mr. Big Gets Swapped
Clear History
Gender Swap Sleepover
Sympathy Pains
Hero to Shero
The Changing Room
The Changing Room 2
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New Release: Swapped to Surprise

Dexter Spraight decided to surprise his girlfriend Caitlin by dressing up as a woman. He liked it so much that when a mysterious bartender offers him a potion to make him an actual woman, he agrees to give her his firstborn child in exchange.

Dex gets what she wants in becoming a beautiful young woman for real. But the change isn’t all for the better. Her new life is soon thrown into complete chaos and when she meets a hunky football player, it shakes things up even more.

Part 2 of a trilogy that follows Dex from dressing up as a woman to motherhood…
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New Releases: The Swap Box & Feminized to Surprise

When Winston Durante IV’s Uncle Jed passes away, he inherits the old house. In the attic he finds a mysterious box. Opening it summons three very unique individuals who want to show him pleasures the likes of which he’s never known. But first they change him into a beautiful young woman. It begins a night Winston really will never forget.
Dexter and Caitlin’s relationship has been stagnating for months. When Caitlin goes alone to Vegas, Dexter worries it might be the end of things–especially when she accidentally calls him with a message for a woman she’s planning to see there.

At Sally’s Saloon, the bartender tells him that if Caitlin is interested in girls, maybe he should try dressing as one to surprise Caitlin. When Dex tries it, the real surprise is how much he really likes it!

First of three stories where Dex explores femininity from dressing up to motherhood.
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New Release: Gender Swap Warriors Trilogy

Over a thousand years ago, the Galactic Conclave ruled peacefully over most of the galaxy. Then came Emperor Zoron and the brutal Starburst Order. Desperate to stop the Order, the Conclave created four ships that could combine into a weapon of unbelievable power. But just as the Conclave was turning the tide, the ship carrying the weapons crashed on a backwater planet called Earth…

In Book 1: Reunion: four frat pledges find the crashed alien ship. When they’re bonded to the ship’s crew, they’re inadvertently turned into women! And now they’re at the forefront of a renewed war against the Order.

In Book 2: Turncoat: The Order tries to infiltrate the Conclave by turning an ace pilot into a beautiful young woman. But when she falls in love, will she be able to fulfill her mission?

In Book 3: Legacy: Dan Blake is hunting one night when he finds another crashed alien ship. Soon he’s joined with an alien princess, becoming a young woman with magic abilities that could save the Conclave–or destroy it.

Buy in Kindle for $6.99

Buy in Paperback for $15.49

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New Release: Legacy (Gender Swap Warriors #3)

The exciting conclusion to the Gender Swap Warriors trilogy! A thousand years ago, the warriors of the Victord Force protected the galaxy from evil. When they were lost on a backwater planet called Earth, the evil Starburst Order took over most of the galaxy.

But before the Victord Force there was another weapon to protect the universe: a young woman named All’tu who had unique magical abilities. Her ship went missing–until one night a hunter named Dan Blake encounters All’tu’s spirit. When it merges with his body, he turns into a beautiful young woman!

With the help of a brilliant young woman named Freddie, Dan manages to get All’tu’s ship off Earth. Then she begins a journey to rediscover All’tu’s power to help the Victord Force in their battle against the Starburst Order.

Get it in Kindle for $2.99

Or in Paperback for $4.49

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New Release: Transformations Volume 6!

A bundle of six gender swap stories!
The Magic Panties 2: A young man wears his crush’s panties and the next morning wakes up as a woman. Can he win her heart?
The Exclusive: A washed-up reporter is accidentally turned into a beautiful young woman. Can he find the success he lost before?
Swap, Swap, & Away!: A superhero and his girlfriend switch bodies for a day. Will they both survive?
From Boss to Goth: A coffeehouse manager fires a nasty Goth girl and as revenge she changes him into a Goth girl. Will he be stuck that way forever?
The Swapping Edge: An aging hockey player and a beautiful figure skater are in a car accident. The hockey player becomes the figure skater to compete in the Olympics. Can he win the gold?
From Boss to Goth 2: When a businessman tries to buy a shop for Goths, its owner changes him into a beautiful Goth girl. Will he give in or stay as a girl?
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New Release: Turncoat (Gender Swap Warriors #2)

The Starburst Order has reigned over most of the galaxy for a thousand years. But two years ago, four warriors from a backwater planet called Earth revived an ancient weapon. The Victord Force has reeled off a series of stunning victories that has given much of the galaxy hope.

To quash that hope, the Order needs to learn the secrets of the Victord Force and find a way to destroy it. After a humiliating defeat, Flight Commander S’Olny volunteers to infiltrate the team and uncover its secrets. He doesn’t expect the evil witch Harat to change him into a beautiful human woman. And he doesn’t expect to fall in love with a fellow pilot.

Will he be able to betray her to complete his mission?

Buy it for $2.99 in Kindle

Buy it for $6.10 in paperback

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New Release: Corporate Gender Swap Omnibus

Three gender swap stories in Corporate America!
Climbing the Corporate Ladder: When John gets Rachel’s promotion, she turns him into her bimbo secretary and then uses her to blackmail her way to the top.
Swaps & Taxes: When Ryder gets behind on his taxes, the Optimal Tax Agency agrees to pay off his debt if he’ll become a young woman to entertain their clients.
The Side Hustle: Dale has tried a number of side hustles to pay his bills, but then a friend tells him about a new one: an app that turns him into the stripper of a client’s dreams. Soon he’s dancing as a beautiful young woman–and doing much more than that!

Buy it for $4.99!

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New Release: The Side Hustle

Unable to find a steady job, Dale has been working a number of side hustles to try to pay the bills, but he’s fallen farther and farther behind. Evicted from his apartment with his car repossessed, Dale calls up an old friend for help. His friend tells him of an app called Stripp that lets people customize the stripper they want. Little do they know that someone is physically changed to become their fantasy.

With no other alternative, Dale agrees to this latest side hustle. Soon he’s turned into a beautiful young stripper to dance for clients–and more if they agree to pay for it. Unlike his other side hustles, Dale starts to make a lot of money–and finds something far more valuable.
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