New Release: Transformed Into a Maid Too

maid 2

After becoming a baby girl and then a young mother, Andie Dieter is now in the clutches of an evil witch who takes her to a remote island in the Caribbean and turns Andie into her French maid. As she’s increasingly humiliated, how far will Andie go to escape?

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New Release: Transformed Into a MILF Too


In Transformed Into a Baby Too, Andy was changed into a baby girl when he accidentally drank a magic potion his wife left in the fridge. But now thanks to a witch, things have completely changed: Andy is now a gorgeous young woman and his former wife is now his five-year-old daughter. Being a young mother is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re trying to adjust to a new gender and take care of a bratty little girl. But Andy’s luck starts to change when he meets a handsome billionaire who sets his sights on Andy.

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New Release: Transformed for Halloween 4: Demon Flesh

halloween 4

For eight years Sam, Dean, and their cameraman Malik have explored haunted houses around the world. On Halloween night, they go to a house in northern California that was the site of an infamous triple-murder of three young women 50 years ago. As they explore the house, they find themselves transported to the night of the murder as the three young women who were killed. Will they manage to change history or are they fated to repeat it?

WARNING: Contains graphic violence and sexual situations

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New Release: Transformed for Halloween Collection

halloween collect

Four spooky gender swap tales for Halloween!

  1. In the Gender Swap Costume Party, a group of fed up wives change their husbands into sexy ladies. But soon the wives start to let their power go to their head.
  2. In The Old Lady of Waukegan Street, a bully finds out Old Lady Montgomery is a real witch. She puts a curse on him that turns him into a woman who gets older with every passing hour unless he has thirteen orgasms.
  3. In Curse of the Dead Girl, three college students are haunted by a girl they allowed to die on Halloween a year earlier. Now her spirit is turning them into the subjects of their sexual fantasies. But soon those fantasies start to turn deadly.
  4. And in Demon Flesh, the crew of a popular ghost hunting show goes to the site where three young women were murdered 50 years ago. But as midnight strikes, they find themselves in the bodies of those young women. Can they rewrite history or are they doomed to repeat it?

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New Release: Transformed Into a Baby Too (Transformed #28)

baby 22

When he comes home from work, all Andy wants is to kick back with a beer. But he gets a lot more than he bargained for when he drinks the contents of an unlabeled can in his fridge: the potion in the can turns him into a baby girl! As Andy’s wife changes his dirty diapers and burps him, she starts to think that maybe it’s not so bad to have a new baby in the house. But she too might soon get more than she bargained for.

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New Release: Speed Demons (Gender Swap Heroes #2)


Dr. Alan Bassett was a brilliant scientist, loving husband, and caring father. Then an alien artifact explodes in his lab and turns him into a beautiful young woman with the ability to run at nearly the speed of sound. As Allison struggles with her new identity and abilities, she starts to learn what it means to be a hero. But when an enemy from her past shows up, bent on revenge, Allison will have to risk everything to save the world.

Buy it for $3.99 on Kindle or $7.99 in paperback!

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New Release: Transformed Into a Futa


When Ricky insists his girlfriend get breast implants, she turns the table by having him knocked out and injected with a serum that turns him into a futanari–someone with female and male characteristics. Soon Ricky finds being a gorgeous woman with a male appendage has some real advantages.

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