New Release: Swapp: Parental Controls

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Announcement: Age Regression Story Ban

I received notice first from Amazon last night and then from Draft2Digital this afternoon that booksellers are no longer carrying age regression stories–at least from independent authors.  Many books have already disappeared from Amazon and I’d expect most age regression titles to disappear over the coming days.

Trying to republish those titles on Draft2Digital was how I found out about the wider ban and as a result my account there was locked and I was threatened with legal action should I not abide by that.  If you use B&N, Apple, etc then my books will probably disappear from there soon–if they haven’t already.

At this time most of my books are still for sale on Amazon, but my account has been suspended, so I have no way to publish new books until that’s lifted–if it is.

I really don’t know where we go from here, so if you have any suggestions, let me know.  In the meantime, thanks to those who read and enjoyed those stories, especially the few of you who took time to post a review.

Eric Filler out.

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New Release: The 12 Swaps of Christmas

Also in Paperback for $6.99!

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Now in Paperback: The Changing Room: Junior Miss

changing room 2 pb

Buy it for $6.99 on Amazon!

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New Release: The Changing Room: Junior Miss

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Age Regression Books Back on Amazon!

The age regression books Amazon pulled a few days ago have all been reloaded to the site.  Thank you for your patience.


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Announcement: Age Regression Stories No Longer Available on Amazon

Amazon has without warning pulled pretty much every gender swap age regression book of mine from their site.  Until I am able to resubmit the titles to Amazon or another marketplace, they will not be available for purchase.  I will try to let you know when titles are available again.

If this makes you unhappy, please feel free to register a complaint with Amazon.  Thank you for your understanding.

–Eric Filler

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New Release: The Changing Room & Halloween Spooktacular!

changing room1

Get it in Kindle for $2.99!

Also in paperback for $6.99!

Also, get spooky gender swap books free on Amazon through Halloween!

Halloween Spooktacular

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New Release: Gender Swap Haunted House

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New in Paperback: Gender Swap Outbreak Omnibus

Paperback link:


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