Now Available: Transformed Into Twins Too!

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New Release: 24 Hour Bride

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25 Days of Free Gender Swap Books!

Borrowing from the traditional advent calendar, this holiday season you can get a gender swap book free on Amazon every day!  Like the advent calendar each day is a new book.  Be sure to get it quick as it’s only free for 24 hours.  Some of these have never been free before!

Here’s the schedule:


Happy holidays and may all your fantasies come true!

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Recent Releases

Catch up on November releases!

And coming November 30th:

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Now Available: 24 Hour Halloween Gender Swap & A New Pre-Order!

Available now for purchase!

And now available for pre-order:

Now that the kids have left home, Mike and Jill decide to rent an RV and spend their Thanksgiving on a cross-country trip. But it all takes a wrong turn when a detour in Texas leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere. Then they stumble across a house in the middle of nowhere.

Inside the house is a strange woman named Torga with even stranger powers. She turns Mike and Jill into little girls to spend Thanksgiving with her. It’s going to be a Thanksgiving neither of them will ever forget…

Pre-order for $2.99!

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New Pre-Orders Available!

Releasing December 14, 2018:

Seth Jacobian has never had a real Christmas. Growing up, his rich parents would dump him on a nanny or later in boarding school. Now Seth’s fiancee Tara is trying to give him the Christmas he never had. But when he rejects her efforts, she goes to the mysterious Mrs. Vantu and gets a potion that for twenty-four hours turns Seth into a cute little girl named Cindy Lou.

Can this radical change finally give Seth the Christmas spirit?

Releasing December 28, 2018:

After eight years of being together, Johnny dumps his girlfriend Sandra. She goes to the mysterious Mrs. Vantu, who gives her a potion that turns Johnny into a woman. Now he has twenty-four hours to find a mate and get married–and consummate it–or he’ll be stuck as a woman forever. After he meets the gorgeous, rich Andrew he thinks he’s found the answer to his problems, but can he walk down the aisle in time?

This gender swap novella is 20,000 words.

Releasing January 6, 2019:

Dr. Frank Forrester is conducting an experiment to transport matter. But when something goes wrong, the doctor disappears. In his place are two women who are identical twins–except in personality. Frances is sweet, naive, and innocent while Frankie is a scheming, nasty slut.

Dr. Forrester’s assistant Clay finds Frances and sets out to find a way to change her back. Meanwhile, Frankie meets up with two students and gives them a master class in lovemaking. Will the twins be reunited or will they prove to be too much for the boys on campus?

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New Release: The Party Favor: Dark Gender Swap #4

Buy it for $2.99 or Read it FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

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