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New Release: How the Cookie Crumbles (Gender Swap Age Regression)


After Daryl buys some Honeybee Girls cookies, he runs into a little cash flow problem. Unable to pay, Daryl finds himself turned into a Honeybee Girl. Until he works off the debt, he’ll be stuck as a little girl. But as he soon realizes, paying his debt is going to take a lot more work than he hoped.

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New Release: Gender Swapped for Her Pleasure Trilogy


At the top of a lonely mountain sits a rundown Victorian house. Dwelling in this creepy house is the mean-spirited Madame Dreibach, who has the power to change anyone with just a snap of her fingers. In “Boy Toy,” she lures an IT guy to her house presumably to fix her WiFi, but soon she changes him into a beautiful young woman to entertain her for the night. In “Toy Boy,” a lost hiker comes to the house looking for shelter. Soon he’s turned into a cute young Asian girl for Madame Dreibach’s amusement. And in “Plaything,” a door-to-door salesman comes to the house looking for a big sale. He gets a lot more than he bargained for when Madame Dreibach changes him into a young woman and takes him out for a night on the town.

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New Release: Transformed for Christmas 4: The Missus Clause


At the North Pole, the unthinkable has happened: Mrs. Claus is dead! For the first time in about 200 years Santa is without his Mrs. Claus. And he’s not taking it well. Santa has retreated to the arctic wastelands to live like a primitive. It’s only a week before XMas and if Santa doesn’t come to his senses soon Christmas will be canceled!

The head of the elves decides on a radical plan: searching human dating sites he finds Santa an ideal mate in Chicago and sends a team to abduct the woman. Except the elves kidnap the wrong person!

Hayden was just crashing on his sister’s couch while she’s away in India when he’s abducted and taken to the North Pole by elves. When he wakes up, he finds he’s been changed into a woman by elf magic! If he wants to change back and save Christmas he has to persuade Kris Kringle to return in time.

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New Release: Transformed Into a Bride Too (Transformed #31)


Sherman and his fiancee Charlene are on their way to Santa Fe when a shortcut takes them into some hills, where their car smashes into a boulder. When Sherman wakes up in a cave, he finds an old witch has saved his life–by transferring his brain into Charlene’s body! As Sherman tries to adjust to his new body, the witch’s deformed son Mortimer takes an interest in him. And soon Sherman finds himself the beauty to Mortimer’s beast. But the Happily Ever After is a lot more complicated…

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New Release: Transformed Into a Maid Too

maid 2

After becoming a baby girl and then a young mother, Andie Dieter is now in the clutches of an evil witch who takes her to a remote island in the Caribbean and turns Andie into her French maid. As she’s increasingly humiliated, how far will Andie go to escape?

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New Release: Transformed Into a MILF Too


In Transformed Into a Baby Too, Andy was changed into a baby girl when he accidentally drank a magic potion his wife left in the fridge. But now thanks to a witch, things have completely changed: Andy is now a gorgeous young woman and his former wife is now his five-year-old daughter. Being a young mother is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re trying to adjust to a new gender and take care of a bratty little girl. But Andy’s luck starts to change when he meets a handsome billionaire who sets his sights on Andy.

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