New Release: Toy Soldiers: A Gender Swap Age Regression Tale


Three Marines on leave in Seoul are having a great time until they go outside to realize their Hummer is gone. They find it in the care of a mysterious man who warns them of a lab experimenting on humans. When Al, Shane, and Court investigate, they’re trapped in a room. As it fills with gas, they find themselves getting smaller–until they’re seven year old girls! Now these Marines have to prove they still have what it takes to stop this menace before it can spread to the rest of the world.

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New Release: 24 Hour Goth Girl (24 Hour Gender Swap #6)

24 goth

Young Raleigh visits the home of the mysterious Mrs. Vantu determined to shut down her cottage industry of potions and charms. But when she tricks him into trying one of her potions, he finds himself changed into what he hates the most: a slutty Goth girl. In a skimpy black dress, heavy makeup, and occult jewelry, he undertakes a journey through the city in the dead of night. Along the way he discovers what it means to be a woman and learns the truth about Mrs. Vantu’s past.

This gender swap novella is 21,000 words.

Get it for $2.99 or FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

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New Release: Office Girl (Dark Gender Swap #2)


Over 40, living in a homeless shelter, and utterly alone, Abner has been a loser his whole life. When he gets an interview at Sundstrom, Inc, he thinks it’s a chance to turn his life around. But after taking the job, his new boss informs him of a job requirement: he has to become a gorgeous young woman. Now in addition to typing, answering phones, and some light filing, he’s getting to know his new coworkers–intimately.

This dark gender swap novella is 22,300 words.

Buy it for $2.99 or get it FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

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New Release: Simone Says: Dark Gender Swap #1


Conrad is planning to leave his wife Simone for the younger, more beautiful Maryanne. But Simone isn’t going to take this lying down. With dark magic she puts a curse on him, forcing him to do whatever she says when she says “Simone Says.” And when Simone Says for Conrad to turn into a gorgeous bimbo, he finds himself turned into the sexy bimbo Connie. That’s only the start of Simone’s dark game. How will it end?

Buy it for $2.99 or Get it Free with Kindle Unlimited!

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New Release: 24 Hour Pregnancy (24 Hour Gender Swap #5)

24 preggo

For years Karen and Mitch have been trying conceive a child. Karen finally goes to the mysterious Mrs. Vantu for something to help her conceive. But after Mitch destroys the charm, Mrs. Vantu gives Karen a potion that turns Mitch into a pregnant woman. Being turned into a woman is bad. Being turned into a pregnant woman is worse. Being a pregnant woman going through all nine months in a single day is hell. But if Mitch survives it, he and his wife will finally have a child–or so he hopes.

This novella is 13,200 words.

Buy it for $2.99 or Get it FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

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New Release: 24 Hour Girl (24 Hour Gender Swap #4)

24 girl

Lenny is a career burglar who makes the mistake of robbing the house of the mysterious Mrs. Vantu. When he accidentally knocks over a shelf of vials, he’s doused with a potion that transforms him into an adorable little girl. For the next 24 hours he’ll be stuck as a five-year-old girl. But when Mrs. Vantu takes him to a lonely widow’s house for the day, she and Lenny might be exactly what the other needs.

This novella is 15,200 words.

Buy it for $2.99 or Get it FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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You may have recently noticed that erotica titles such as many of mine did not have overall sales rankings showing.  Apparently this was Amazon testing a new policy to essentially try to hide erotica titles from the general public.  This article explains it.  As of now they’ve restored the sales ranking.  Who knows for how long.

I’m not sure if the disappearance of the number of pages is a part of that.  A user recently reported this and I’ve noticed that the number of pages is still not showing up with the most recent books.  Whether this will continue in the future, I can’t say.

I can’t really provide the exact number of pages on the Kindle.  I can provide the rough word count.  I hope that will be a suitable substitute.

  • 24 Hour Schoolgirl: 19,700 words
  • 24 Hour Whore: 16,900 words

In the future I’ll have to include the word count in the description.  Thank you for your patience.

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