New Release: A Most Unusual Ring

When Brian can’t perform in bed, his girlfriend dumps him to hook up with Brian’s best friend. Meanwhile, his sales at work have been almost nonexistent. To get his mojo back, Brian decides there’s one cure: Vegas, baby!

After a decent night at the roulette table, Brian takes a hooker named Sheri up to his room. When he can’t perform again, Sheri gives him a very special ring to put on–and not on his finger. Putting it on, Brian soon finds himself changing into a beautiful young woman!

For the rest of the weekend, Bri Ann has to prostitute herself to make money for Sheri. Only then might he be able to change back. Soon, though, Bri Ann finds being a hooker is a lot more complicated than he ever imagined.

That's none of your business and I'll thank you to stay out of my personal affairs.

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