New Release: Ginger

Geoff Finn is a nerdy redheaded boy at Millard Fillmore High. When he was a kid, he was friends with Olivia Moreau, but when she got breasts, he suddenly became invisible to her. A week before the Spring Fling dance, though, Olivia asks Geoff to take her to get back at her boyfriend. Geoff says yes only for it to turn out to be a cruel prank.

Humiliated, Geoff wishes that he could wake up with everything different. The next morning he wakes up as a gorgeous redheaded girl named Ginger! He soon realizes that Ginger has Olivia’s life and now Olivia is an unpopular geek. It seems like his wish has come true. But being the most popular girl in school isn’t as easy as it seems and with a second chance at the Spring Fling, will Geoff be able to get it right?

An all-new transgender gender swap romance about finding where you really belong.

That's none of your business and I'll thank you to stay out of my personal affairs.

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