New Release: Secret Identity

From the author of transgender romances like Spokesmodel and the bestselling author of the Gender Swap Heroes series comes an all-new transgender feminization adventure!

For the last five years, Calvin Carter has had a secret life as the superhero Miharo. But while he’s lured into space, his home city of Vector City is attacked, leaving a million dead–including the love of his life. Calvin knows wealthy businessman Virgil Vance is behind it, but when he confronts Vance, he’s attacked with tachyon weapons that weaken him.

Vance unleashes a horde of drones armed with tachyon weapons and facial recognition software to make it impossible for Calvin to hide anywhere in the city. Desperate, Calvin uses his power to change his appearance into that of a beautiful young woman–almost. In his weakened state, he looks mostly like a woman, but between his legs he’s still a man.

The change drains Calvin of his powers. He’s taken in by an old woman who runs a soup kitchen. Going by the name Callie, he starts to live as a woman, including dating a coworker named Hank. But with Vance and his drones threatening to turn Vector City into a police state, Callie will have to find a way to get her powers back and save the day.

That's none of your business and I'll thank you to stay out of my personal affairs.

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