New Releases: The Swap Box & Feminized to Surprise

When Winston Durante IV’s Uncle Jed passes away, he inherits the old house. In the attic he finds a mysterious box. Opening it summons three very unique individuals who want to show him pleasures the likes of which he’s never known. But first they change him into a beautiful young woman. It begins a night Winston really will never forget.
Dexter and Caitlin’s relationship has been stagnating for months. When Caitlin goes alone to Vegas, Dexter worries it might be the end of things–especially when she accidentally calls him with a message for a woman she’s planning to see there.

At Sally’s Saloon, the bartender tells him that if Caitlin is interested in girls, maybe he should try dressing as one to surprise Caitlin. When Dex tries it, the real surprise is how much he really likes it!

First of three stories where Dex explores femininity from dressing up to motherhood.

That's none of your business and I'll thank you to stay out of my personal affairs.

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