New Release: Gender Swap Warriors Trilogy

Over a thousand years ago, the Galactic Conclave ruled peacefully over most of the galaxy. Then came Emperor Zoron and the brutal Starburst Order. Desperate to stop the Order, the Conclave created four ships that could combine into a weapon of unbelievable power. But just as the Conclave was turning the tide, the ship carrying the weapons crashed on a backwater planet called Earth…

In Book 1: Reunion: four frat pledges find the crashed alien ship. When they’re bonded to the ship’s crew, they’re inadvertently turned into women! And now they’re at the forefront of a renewed war against the Order.

In Book 2: Turncoat: The Order tries to infiltrate the Conclave by turning an ace pilot into a beautiful young woman. But when she falls in love, will she be able to fulfill her mission?

In Book 3: Legacy: Dan Blake is hunting one night when he finds another crashed alien ship. Soon he’s joined with an alien princess, becoming a young woman with magic abilities that could save the Conclave–or destroy it.

Buy in Kindle for $6.99

Buy in Paperback for $15.49


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