New Release: Legacy (Gender Swap Warriors #3)

The exciting conclusion to the Gender Swap Warriors trilogy! A thousand years ago, the warriors of the Victord Force protected the galaxy from evil. When they were lost on a backwater planet called Earth, the evil Starburst Order took over most of the galaxy.

But before the Victord Force there was another weapon to protect the universe: a young woman named All’tu who had unique magical abilities. Her ship went missing–until one night a hunter named Dan Blake encounters All’tu’s spirit. When it merges with his body, he turns into a beautiful young woman!

With the help of a brilliant young woman named Freddie, Dan manages to get All’tu’s ship off Earth. Then she begins a journey to rediscover All’tu’s power to help the Victord Force in their battle against the Starburst Order.

Get it in Kindle for $2.99

Or in Paperback for $4.49


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