New Release: Transformations Volume 6!

A bundle of six gender swap stories!
The Magic Panties 2: A young man wears his crush’s panties and the next morning wakes up as a woman. Can he win her heart?
The Exclusive: A washed-up reporter is accidentally turned into a beautiful young woman. Can he find the success he lost before?
Swap, Swap, & Away!: A superhero and his girlfriend switch bodies for a day. Will they both survive?
From Boss to Goth: A coffeehouse manager fires a nasty Goth girl and as revenge she changes him into a Goth girl. Will he be stuck that way forever?
The Swapping Edge: An aging hockey player and a beautiful figure skater are in a car accident. The hockey player becomes the figure skater to compete in the Olympics. Can he win the gold?
From Boss to Goth 2: When a businessman tries to buy a shop for Goths, its owner changes him into a beautiful Goth girl. Will he give in or stay as a girl?

That's none of your business and I'll thank you to stay out of my personal affairs.

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