New Release: Turncoat (Gender Swap Warriors #2)

The Starburst Order has reigned over most of the galaxy for a thousand years. But two years ago, four warriors from a backwater planet called Earth revived an ancient weapon. The Victord Force has reeled off a series of stunning victories that has given much of the galaxy hope.

To quash that hope, the Order needs to learn the secrets of the Victord Force and find a way to destroy it. After a humiliating defeat, Flight Commander S’Olny volunteers to infiltrate the team and uncover its secrets. He doesn’t expect the evil witch Harat to change him into a beautiful human woman. And he doesn’t expect to fall in love with a fellow pilot.

Will he be able to betray her to complete his mission?

Buy it for $2.99 in Kindle

Buy it for $6.10 in paperback


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