An Interview With Gregor Daniels

slut gene

How did you get started with writing?

I’ve always had a small writing bug. I contributed to choose-your-own-adventure websites like Choose Your Own Change, the BE Addventure, and Fiction Branches, mostly under anonymous accounts before I ever officially published anything. I’ve always been fascinated with transformation and transgender media, and whenever I wasn’t satisfied with what was out there I would turn to creating it. How I got into self-publishing is mundane–I needed a job. Luckily, converting my creative talent into a business was a profitable decision, and I’ve been writing ever since.

Is there any particular process you use in your writing?

Typically there’s a central idea or theme, or a particular transformation that the story revolves around, and I build from there–setting up situations, characters, erotic scenes, and so forth. Sometimes I’ll use visual aids for creating characters or situations (adult film stars mostly, ha) and mentally add a TF or TG twist into what I’m looking at. Then I’ll cram it all together and shoot for a word-count goal. All this is done on a weekly schedule.

What’s your favorite book?

All right, I’ll say it. I’m not much of a reader. But, of what I have read, I really enjoyed Stephen King’s 11/22/63. His prose is enjoyable, so easy to read and full of wit. And Neil Gaiman as well. I’m still learning about becoming a reader.

What’s your favorite book that you’ve written?

Probably The Slut Gene. Hell, let’s just include the entire universe. In the style of Ed Miller, I enjoy transformation stories that are stuffed with tons of sex, but with enough plot to keep it all together. And the premise is so interesting to explore–a dormant gene that turns you into a slut no matter if you were man or woman. Come on, who wouldn’t want that, right? So I find it fascinating to explore different characters with a slut gene, how it changes their lives, how their slut personalities take hold. I feel like those stories just flow out of me, and I love going back and reading them.

What’s your favorite kink to write about?

Well, gender transformation of course! But, if I had to pick, I’d say either girls growing dicks (and having to learn how to deal with them, hide them, use them) or boobs and lactation. And pregnancy. That’s like four things, but oh well. It’s not just about changing into a woman that’s erotic, but also the functions of the female body. I think most male readers of transgender fiction, on some level, wonder what it’s like to be pregnant. It’s been fun to imagine.



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One comment on “An Interview With Gregor Daniels
  1. Sally Bend says:

    Great interview guys! I haven’t read nearly enough of your work (either of you), so I just popped over and grabbed a copy of The Slut Gene, which sounds amazing!


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