New Release: Gender Swap Heroes Omnibus

gender swap heroes omnibus

For the first time ever, the entire Gender Swap Heroes saga in one collection!

In Secret Origins, the world’s two greatest superheroes are turned into teenage girls. While one becomes pretty and popular, the other becomes a socially awkward nerd. But when a new threat arises, they’ll have to put aside their differences to save the world.

In Speed Demons, Dr. Alan Bassett is turned into a young woman with superspeed by a lab experiment. As Allison begins to acclimate to her new life as a girl and a superhero, an enemy from her past returns to try to take over the world.

And in Resistance, following a supervillain’s attack on Washington DC, the government begins recruiting its own superheroes. Wounded in the attack, Major Roger Stevens is eager to try a formula to give him superpowers. But it comes with the side effect of turning him into a teenage girl. Now she has to bring her team together to restore order to the world, but a new threat may be too powerful for even all of the world’s superpowered heroes.

Buy it for $5.99 on Kindle or FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

Buy it for $14.99 in Paperback!


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