New Paperback Release: Resistance (Gender Swap Heroes #3)


After a supervillain nearly destroyed Washington DC, the government decides it needs its own team of superheroes. Badly wounded in the attack, Major Roger Stevens is ready for some payback–even if it means being a guinea pig for a top secret superpower formula. While Roger gets super-strength and invulnerability, there’s one little side-effect: the formula turns him into a teenage girl named Rose. That doesn’t dissuade the government from signing up three more recruits, all military criminals looking to stay out of prison. Rose has to bring her ragtag team together and eliminate the rogue “superheroes” out there to make the world safe. But there are threats looming that not even a superhero might be able to stop.

Get the epic conclusion to the trilogy for $6.99 in paperback weeks before the Kindle release!


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