You may have recently noticed that erotica titles such as many of mine did not have overall sales rankings showing.  Apparently this was Amazon testing a new policy to essentially try to hide erotica titles from the general public.  This article explains it.  As of now they’ve restored the sales ranking.  Who knows for how long.

I’m not sure if the disappearance of the number of pages is a part of that.  A user recently reported this and I’ve noticed that the number of pages is still not showing up with the most recent books.  Whether this will continue in the future, I can’t say.

I can’t really provide the exact number of pages on the Kindle.  I can provide the rough word count.  I hope that will be a suitable substitute.

  • 24 Hour Schoolgirl: 19,700 words
  • 24 Hour Whore: 16,900 words

In the future I’ll have to include the word count in the description.  Thank you for your patience.


That's none of your business and I'll thank you to stay out of my personal affairs.

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