New Release: Gender Swapped for Her Pleasure Trilogy


At the top of a lonely mountain sits a rundown Victorian house. Dwelling in this creepy house is the mean-spirited Madame Dreibach, who has the power to change anyone with just a snap of her fingers. In “Boy Toy,” she lures an IT guy to her house presumably to fix her WiFi, but soon she changes him into a beautiful young woman to entertain her for the night. In “Toy Boy,” a lost hiker comes to the house looking for shelter. Soon he’s turned into a cute young Asian girl for Madame Dreibach’s amusement. And in “Plaything,” a door-to-door salesman comes to the house looking for a big sale. He gets a lot more than he bargained for when Madame Dreibach changes him into a young woman and takes him out for a night on the town.

Buy it for $4.99 on Kindle or Paperback!


That's none of your business and I'll thank you to stay out of my personal affairs.

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