New Release: Transformed for Halloween Collection

halloween collect

Four spooky gender swap tales for Halloween!

  1. In the Gender Swap Costume Party, a group of fed up wives change their husbands into sexy ladies. But soon the wives start to let their power go to their head.
  2. In The Old Lady of Waukegan Street, a bully finds out Old Lady Montgomery is a real witch. She puts a curse on him that turns him into a woman who gets older with every passing hour unless he has thirteen orgasms.
  3. In Curse of the Dead Girl, three college students are haunted by a girl they allowed to die on Halloween a year earlier. Now her spirit is turning them into the subjects of their sexual fantasies. But soon those fantasies start to turn deadly.
  4. And in Demon Flesh, the crew of a popular ghost hunting show goes to the site where three young women were murdered 50 years ago. But as midnight strikes, they find themselves in the bodies of those young women. Can they rewrite history or are they doomed to repeat it?

Buy it for $4.99 for Amazon Kindle or FREE With Kindle Unlimited!


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