New Release: Gilded Cage: Gender Swap Endurance Test

gilded cage temp

Lonny Adams is a university janitor in dire financial straits. To help solve his money woes, he volunteers for what he thinks is playtesting a new virtual reality game. But the program’s designers have something much different in mind. Once he enters the virtual world, they change him into a woman to see how long it will take for him to crack. Can Lonny survive the test or is he doomed to break?

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One comment on “New Release: Gilded Cage: Gender Swap Endurance Test
  1. roguemutt says:

    In flashback Ben talks about them coming to Vegas and getting drunk and Cecil taking a weird drink from the snake girl and turning into a little girl. But Cecil starts to remember it differently: he remembers that he caught Ben (a groomsman) and Joan (the bride-to-be)making out in the suite. When he threatened to tell the groom, they knocked Cecil out and he woke up as a little girl. Ben tells him it doesn’t matter now as Joan will be supervising him until the wedding to make sure he doesn’t get near the groom and try to spill the secrets. And if he does, who’s going to believe a 5-year-old?

    Ben takes him to Joan’s room so he can get dolled up. Joan takes him to get a dress and his hair done and then they do some fun kid stuff during which Cecil—or Cecelia now—is slowly regressing into a little girl. At the rehearsal he tries to talk to the groom, but is taken away for bedtime. His attempt to sneak out doesn’t go well either.

    Joan keeps him close before the wedding so he can’t get word to the groom. There’s nothing to do then but be the flower girl. He tries to warn the groom, but no one listens to him and he pouts through the wedding.

    At the reception he starts to feel funny. He goes into the bathroom and painfully turns into a young woman. Improvising or stealing a dress he returns to the reception now as a beautiful woman. He gets to dance with the groom and explain to him what’s going on. He finally manages to convince the dude. Ben and Joan turn on them, but the groom says he’s going to get the marriage annulled. Later, he and Cecelia kiss and put themselves on the path to getting married.


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