New Release: Choose Your Own Gender Omnibus

choose omnibus

In these three stories, a man embraces his feminine side and then has to decide whether he wants to live as a boy or a girl.

In “Unisex” a man is turned into a little boy who’s mistaken by his new classmates for a girl. As he starts to play with dolls and wear dresses, he starts to see being a girl might not be so bad.

In “Androgynous,” a man is changed into a teenager who looks like a girl, but has a big secret between his legs. While he tries to keep this hidden, he starts to see what it’s like to live as a girl.

And in “Sissified,” a fitness freak is changed into a puny transgender person who first disguises himself as a teenage boy and then a young woman. In the end which life will he choose?

Buy for $4.99 or get it free with Kindle Unlimited!


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