New Release: A Most Unusual Ring

When Brian can’t perform in bed, his girlfriend dumps him to hook up with Brian’s best friend. Meanwhile, his sales at work have been almost nonexistent. To get his mojo back, Brian decides there’s one cure: Vegas, baby!

After a decent night at the roulette table, Brian takes a hooker named Sheri up to his room. When he can’t perform again, Sheri gives him a very special ring to put on–and not on his finger. Putting it on, Brian soon finds himself changing into a beautiful young woman!

For the rest of the weekend, Bri Ann has to prostitute herself to make money for Sheri. Only then might he be able to change back. Soon, though, Bri Ann finds being a hooker is a lot more complicated than he ever imagined.
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The Secret Is Out! Get These Great Feminization Stories Now!

Last December I started writing some regular feminization stories without doing an actual gender swap. So I wouldn’t interfere with my normal gender swap books, I created a new pen name for these stories: Kelly Counts. I did five stories in all and while it was an interesting challenge, I decided to go back to my more traditional gender swap stories.

But if you’re interested in feminization stories and transgender romances, check out these Kelly Counts stories!

Or you can buy the whole collection for one great price!

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New Release: Escape Room

Bill Harper has broken some major stories, but now he’s about to break his biggest story yet. With the help of a mysterious source, Bill has uncovered a shadowy company known only as Swap Ventures that turns men into women for game shows broadcast on the Dark Web. The viewers of these shows are some of the richest, most powerful people in the world who gamble on the elaborate contests.

When Bill goes to a bar for a celebratory drink, he’s knocked out and wakes up in a locked room–as a gorgeous young woman! A woman named Autumn tells him that he’s in an “escape room” he can only leave by getting the code for the lock or giving up his source. When he refuses to do that, he has to endure scenarios based on his favorite fetishes.

Will Bill find a way to escape without giving up his source?
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New Release: Shop Til You Swap

John has been shoplifting since he was ten years old. But when he’s caught this time, he’s eighteen and faces a felony rap that would put him in prison for years. A mysterious woman offers him a way to avoid the jail time: volunteer to be part of their latest show for the Dark Web. John will have to spend $100,000 in the Harborbrook Mall before it closes.

What John doesn’t realize until it’s too late is that he has to do it as a woman! If he wants to become a man again, he has to shop like he’s never shopped before. Trying on pretty dresses and jewelry, the decision about whether to change back or not becomes more difficult. And when he meets a sexy retail clerk, John really has a tough decision to make.
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New Release: Poor Little Rich Girl

Nick McConnell was on his way to the top: almost a partner at his law firm, a penthouse apartment, and his pick of women. Then his padded expense accounts and sexual harassment claims came to light and he lost everything. Five months later, Nick is disbarred and living in his car.

Then he meets a woman named Ida from a company called Swap Ventures. She offers him a chance to get the money and penthouse back. The only hitch is: he has to become a woman!

Now Nikki is living the high life again while rich gamblers on the Dark Web watch her every move–and bet on it. Will she decide to keep the money and property or change back into a man with nothing?

The first in an all-new gender swap series!
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New! Commission a Custom Story or Buy Me a Coffee!

Now on Ko-fi, you can “buy me a coffee” by putting some money in my tip jar, or you can commission a custom story! Check out the commissions page for details.

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New Release: Ginger

Geoff Finn is a nerdy redheaded boy at Millard Fillmore High. When he was a kid, he was friends with Olivia Moreau, but when she got breasts, he suddenly became invisible to her. A week before the Spring Fling dance, though, Olivia asks Geoff to take her to get back at her boyfriend. Geoff says yes only for it to turn out to be a cruel prank.

Humiliated, Geoff wishes that he could wake up with everything different. The next morning he wakes up as a gorgeous redheaded girl named Ginger! He soon realizes that Ginger has Olivia’s life and now Olivia is an unpopular geek. It seems like his wish has come true. But being the most popular girl in school isn’t as easy as it seems and with a second chance at the Spring Fling, will Geoff be able to get it right?

An all-new transgender gender swap romance about finding where you really belong.
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New Release: The Trucker’s Woman

After a tour in Iraq that ended with him injured and his best friend dead, Kelly Michaelson has drifted from place-to-place with no friends, family, or lovers. But when his motorcycle breaks down, leaving him stranded in the desert, he gets a ride from a mysterious stranger with a black semi truck. Kelly thinks he’s just going to get a ride to the nearest town, but then he passes out only to wake up as a beautiful young woman! If he ever wants to change back, Kelly has to escort the trucker from Arizona to El Paso. It seems like a nightmare, until Kelly meets the gorgeous Alicia. Falling in love with her, Kelly starts to rediscover the life he left behind in Iraq. But can this story have a happy ending?
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New Release: Hitting the Slopes (Gender Swap Resort #3)

Claude Killen was a great skier who won national and world championships and Olympic medals. When age and injuries force him to retire, he gets an offer from the remote resort Chateau Huri Wahi. In exchange for tutoring some people on skiing, he’ll get a million dollars. It seems too good to be true.

The catch is when Claude wakes up as the beautiful young Claudia Cullen. Soon the real reason he was brought to the island is revealed: Huri Wahi needs someone to compete in a race that will decide the fate of Motu Whakawhiti for all time. If Claudia wins, she can become a man again–if she still wants to. And if she loses, the island will become the possession of a businessman who wants to mine it of everything valuable.

Helping Claudia is another beautiful young instructor named Corinne. As they work together, they start to develop feelings, which only makes it more difficult for Claudia to decide if she wants her old life back. Can Claudia win the race and the love of her life?

The final book in an all-new transgender romance trilogy!
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New Release: Secret Identity

From the author of transgender romances like Spokesmodel and the bestselling author of the Gender Swap Heroes series comes an all-new transgender feminization adventure!

For the last five years, Calvin Carter has had a secret life as the superhero Miharo. But while he’s lured into space, his home city of Vector City is attacked, leaving a million dead–including the love of his life. Calvin knows wealthy businessman Virgil Vance is behind it, but when he confronts Vance, he’s attacked with tachyon weapons that weaken him.

Vance unleashes a horde of drones armed with tachyon weapons and facial recognition software to make it impossible for Calvin to hide anywhere in the city. Desperate, Calvin uses his power to change his appearance into that of a beautiful young woman–almost. In his weakened state, he looks mostly like a woman, but between his legs he’s still a man.

The change drains Calvin of his powers. He’s taken in by an old woman who runs a soup kitchen. Going by the name Callie, he starts to live as a woman, including dating a coworker named Hank. But with Vance and his drones threatening to turn Vector City into a police state, Callie will have to find a way to get her powers back and save the day.
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