New Release: Maternity Shop Swap!

Lydia is pregnant, but Shane has been less than enthused about it. So Lydia gets a gift card to Vedrana Ambrose’s swapping mall. For one day Shane will become a beautiful young pregnant woman. He’ll go through all the stages of pregnancy with all the aches, pains, nausea, and cravings of a normal pregnant woman.

When Lydia takes him to a Lamaze class, Shane meets a teenage pregnant girl named Britney and they start to bond. Soon things are getting far more complicated–and dangerous–than Shane ever imagined.

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New Release: Bridal Shop Swap!

When Brian cancels his wedding, he has to take back a gift card to the Westpath Mall. But he soon finds it’s no ordinary mall: it’s a place where a man can become almost any kind of woman for a day. Brian decides to become a gorgeous bride to try to get over his fear of commitment.

While out on an impromptu bachelorette party, Brian meets a bride-to-be and soon they’re hitting it off. Will Brian decide to stay a woman? And will she decide to stay with him or go back to her fiancĂ©?

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New Release: Swaps & Taxes!

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” Benjamin Franklin said. For Ryder Bennett, when he gets behind on his taxes, his certainty will be gender swaps.

To pay off his debt, he agrees to work for the Optimal Tax Agency, thinking they’ll want him to do some paperwork or answer phones or other normal office work. Instead, they have something else in mind: they change Ryder into a variety of beautiful women to please men. How far will Ryder be willing to go to pay off his debt?

Buy it in Kindle for $2.99 or in Paperback for $5.99!

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Now Streaming on Kindle Vella: Night at the Swapping Mall!

After the Westpath Mall closes, young Alex goes there one night to paint the bare walls. Suddenly he finds himself back in 1972 as a beautiful young woman protesting the mall’s construction. Years later, a thief breaks into the mall only to get a lot more than he bargained for. Entering one of the shops, he’s transported back in time to when the mall was a vibrant hub of commerce. And more than that, he’s turned into a young woman! But that’s only the beginning of a night he’ll never forget.

Read the first 3 episodes for free!

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New Releases! Climbing the Corporate Ladder & Sweet Shop Swap

John Banyon has just been promoted to a new job. Rachel thinks she should have gotten the promotion instead. After John gets drunk at a party, Rachel takes him home and steals some of his blood.

A few days later, Rachel shows up with a special crystal made from John’s blood. With the crystal, she can turn John into anything she desires. She turns him into a young bimbo who works for her as her secretary. But soon Rachel realizes she can use John to seduce and get blackmail on company executives to make her way to the top.

Can John find a way to stop her before she reaches the top of the ladder?
After 85 years, Nadelli’s Sweet Shop is closing. The latest owner, JR Nadelli, is cleaning up the basement when he stumbles upon a strange book of recipes. Making cannolis with a “dollop of man’s joy” causes those who eat them to get very, very aroused.

Chocolate-covered strawberries with a drop of blood promise to grant the eater’s “secret desire.” When JR and his friend try the recipe, they’re changed into beautiful young women! But is this what JR truly desires and can he save his store before it closes?
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New Release: From Boss to Goth 2

J. Allen Slade is head of the Midwest Commercial Bank and one of the richest and most powerful men in Chicago. His latest scheme is to create new luxury condos, but there’s one chunk of property he doesn’t control yet. This last piece of the puzzle is controlled by Agatha, a witch who owns the Heart of Darkness store for Goths.

When he tries to put Agatha out of business, she retaliates by changing Slade into a beautiful young Goth girl. Will a day as an unknown, penniless Goth girl give him a new worldview or will he refuse to give in?
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New Release: The Swapping Edge

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New Releases: Transformed Mega Bundles!

Get the entire Transformed and Transformed Holidays series for less than $10!

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New Release: Repair Shop Swap

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New Release: Grandpa Got Run Over By a Reindeer (& Then Swapped)

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